Best and BEAST laptops for demanding user

A laptop – one of the main working tools of an office employee. The right choice of a working tool can significantly increase personal efficiency, which means that every invested dollar will pay off very quickly. And a mistake in the choice could cost the loss of not only money but also time. For example, if you are actively working with text on the go, then the thick and heavy gaming model of the laptop will cause you pain every time, despite all its power. And if you work with complex calculations and visual materials, then a “typewriter” may be useless for you.

In this short article, we observe several models that may be useful to you depending on your work tasks and personal preferences. Our top is for business and work.

MacBook Pro 13 and 15

Apple laptops do not need an additional introduction, they are actively used by professionals around the world. Whether you write text, work with graphics, photos, videos, web design – the Macbook remains a symbol of quality and reliability, and can also provide 5 to 10 hours of battery life in work tasks. There is nothing perfect in the world, Apple products also have limitations and disadvantages: closed Mac OS, a noise under load, several models have problems with the keyboard. If you are ready to put up with this, then it is the best option for work. The 13-inch model is better for those who prefer mobility, the 15-inch model – for those who need portable power.

Microsoft surface laptop

Microsoft Windows is the most famous operating system on the planet, and the Surface Laptop, manufactured by Microsoft, is ideal for this system. Of course, Windows can also be installed on the MacBook, but this will be a compromise. Among other advantages, the Surface Laptop remains one of the most autonomous computers on the market, and unique features like a touch screen and pen support make it a great choice for designers.

ASUS Chromebook

The cheapest model in today’s top, its price is because the computer runs on the operating system Chrome OS. This system has many limitations: in fact, all that it can do is access the Internet using the Chrome browser. However, these features will be enough for many users. And why then pay more? Moreover, this is a good computer, with excellent workmanship and autonomy.


MSI is a well-known manufacturer of gaming laptops, but the exceptional power of their products can be used not only for games. If you are actively working with 3D-graphics and prefer the Windows operating system, love to upgrade your computer by yourself and ready to put up with the thickness and weight of the working machine, then GF63 is your choice. An additional advantage is that you can choose internal components for your model, for example, more RAM or a larger hard drive, or add them later yourself. And, of course, you can use this computer for games in free time. Isn’t that cool?

ASUS VivoBook 2019

This Asus is a compromise between the models presented above. The laptop runs on Windows, has an average weight and autonomy, available with Intel or AMD processor – last option will be cheaper, but you may encounter compatibility issues. The price is closer to the budget segment, and the design will not cause disgust for either students or businessmen.

Best choice?

Style, build quality, power, price? Fortunately, in 2019 it is not necessary to choose one of them, many modern computers have most of these advantages. In our opinion, MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Laptop are favorites from the presented models, but the choice very much depends on your work tasks. Perhaps you have enough of the capabilities of the modest ASUS Chromebook, or you are looking for a powerful model that is suitable for games, and then opt for MSI. We tried to talk about the most characteristic laptop models in the modern market, but the choice is always yours.

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