MacBook Pro battle: 16 vs 15

MacBook Pro 16 is a really very powerful professional computer. Cool and powerful Intel processor, new discrete graphics cards AMD RADEON 5300 and 5500, 512 SSD of internal memory in the basic version, excellent sound, battery – the choice would seem obvious.

Apple sees this laptop as a flagship that will replace the previous 15-inch model on store shelves. But this story is not so simple, and if you need a computer right now, then the Macbook Pro 15 mid-2019 may be a more profitable purchase option. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both laptops in front of each other.


The official price for the base Macbook pro 16 is exactly the same as for the previous model. MacBook Pro 15 mid-2019 should gradually disappear from the sale, but at the moment retailers still have many these laptops, because it came out just a few months ago. During the upcoming Black Friday and Christmas sales, retailers will try to sell as many “old” models as possible and discounts on them can be quite substantial. So if you want to save well – this is your chance.

Temperature and noise

The new professional MacBook model received a significant improvement in the cooling system. However, productivity has grown. Discrete video is used for processing graphics and calculating models in 3D applications, for example, games. But do you need such discrete power? A Macbook isn’t the best choice as a gaming computer, the market is full of more powerful, less noisy, and cooler alternatives. In any case, an increase in computing power will mean an increase in temperatures and energy consumption.

Performance in work tasks

It’s too early to talk about how significant the progress made by Apple in computer cooling, but if you do not work with graphics and do not play, you are unlikely to notice a difference in speed between the Macbook Pro 15 and Macbook pro 16: both models both models have the same processors and RAM.

Internal storage

There is a clear advantage with the 16-inch model: 512 gigabytes of SSD in the base model versus 256 gigabytes in the 15-inch model. It’s nice to get more for the same money.


Three last years Apple put a butterfly keyboard on its laptops, which is known for low, wide short-press keys, and, unfortunately, many problems. In the new model, experts from Cupertino originally solved the problem: they returned to the keyboard that they used before in models of 2015 and older. It is still unknown how much better the “new” keyboard has become, but if you have heard about the problems of the “butterfly keyboard” and like to eat at the laptop, the Macbook pro 16 is definitely your option.


The Macbook pro 16 also has a notable advantage: great sound and a larger screen do the trick.


MacBook Pro 15 and MacBook pro 16 are great, fast, powerful, and beautiful computers. If you strive for everything new, rarely change the working tool, and are ready to spend a little more – take a new one. If you want to save money and don’t work with graphics, Pro 15 will be a great option.

The choice is yours!

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